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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Offical List for MEGACON!


Shini Duo Older

Offical List for MEGACON!

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Lisa Nuzzle
That's right, I'm going to tell all what I'm being. Dunno what DAYS yet but here they are in slight order:

JLA Verson of Black Canary

Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon

(and yes I WILL be in a wheelchair XP]

and Darlene/Duella OC which is a mix of Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash

So thought I'd throw that up. Got the wigs ordered and just need to get Canary's outfit. Yeah. Me in fishnets. Woo.
  • Wow, all three? Impressive! I'm not sure I could manage even one...
    • Thank you! And c'mon! anyone can cosplay!

      I WANTED to actually go as Lisa (which is one in the works!) and also Phish and I are gonna do a Trickster/Piper Cosplay soon at somepoint.

      and about your entry about your Fics? I READ THEM! <3 Yours are awesome, totally <3
      • You guys will have to post pictures! I would love to see them...and I've never seen anyone cosplay as Glider before, so that'd be cool.

        I would probably look stupid, no matter who I cosplayed as :]

        Thank you! I'm so glad you like them, very few people do :> It's much appreciated <3
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