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Why I dislike Christmas Time -RETAIL WISE RANT-


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Why I dislike Christmas Time -RETAIL WISE RANT-

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Because From now until sometime next week?

Bealls is open from -7am to 11pm.- Meaning for me? I'm working 3pm to Close(11:30pm) Shifts. Tonight? I didn't get out still ABOUT to RIGHT at Midnight. Yes, That's 12AM!

People just not getting the hint we CLOSE at 11pm but keep us open and finding out this particular customer is banned from the Palm Bay store cause she buys things then sells them at the Flea Market. So comes to MY store to do this shit.

Also, seems Kevin (AD Set Guy who was hired when I was) decided to get uppity at me with this -

Kevin: Well Susan's here so She's coming right up to Misses, Mary U..
Me: Look, I just got a walkie and Had no clue I was suppose to relieve anyone yet (Cause didn't get a chance to even SEE the schedule yet for today and I was in at 3pm and its about 3:05pm at this instance)
Kevin: [Slight attitude here] Yeah well, some of us have BEEN here since 6am..
Me: Ok, do you want a Cookie? ~Walks off to Misses~

Yup~ I said that to him. Why? He works 6am to 3pm. I GOTTA work 3pm till Midnight. I don't wanna hear your whining. You don't have to clean up after the stupid people I DO.

Oh yeah..there were only 3 people to close tonight. I was one of them (Office person and Manager don't count)

If you want a store nice for a visit? Don't only have 3 people to close and especially 10 DAYS Before Christmas. Morons. Murr--give a damn button so broke. Okiday. Done now <3~
  • I feel your pain!!! Next week I'm scheduled every day but Christmas 6:30am to 4:30pm. And mornings are super difficult because we don't even have a clean-up night crew..... So we get the bitchy customers bright and early and still trying to run trucks and clean up and ARGH! I hate retail Christmas!!!!
    • Yeah totally! Its much BS and I'D LOVE to work the day shift. I got jipped.

      coming Sun through wednesday? 2:30 to close then 11am to 7:30pm on Christmas Eve (we close at 6 on the eve)

      but I DON'T have to deal with the day after Christmas return hell at least x_X its worse than black friday SWEAR to GOD <3
  • Christmas in Retail is HELL on EARTH.

    Agh. So much that I am now a Scrooge and keep saying "...I hate Christmas."
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