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Truth or bone - Survive alone

So I went to the Podiatrist---


Shini Duo Older

So I went to the Podiatrist---

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--And Got my toe stuck with a HUGH Fuckin' Needle! -_-

Well, Woke up after 3 hours of sleep (DUE to a Bat in my Ceiling. Peeping and flailing about. I freaked everytime I heard it but Alicia was like..POOR BABAY -_-;;;)

BUT, Got some french toast sticks, got money and then got to the doctor's. I was the only one there. The man is---Short XD. Older but Short. VERY sweet. But When he told me what he was going to do? I slightly panicked.

So...Alicia's beside me, trying to calm me down. Cleaning it out? Fine..But the needle.
I've had them before but NOT in my foot. He even said Its not happy. He'd had to do it himself and yeahh. BUT he uses this Cold Spray and Had to stick it 4 times. 4 TIMES!

...But it was the 2nd or 3rd time and I made this VERY loud (and pathetic) Darlene squeel cry of distress. But I calmed after he was done, he allowed it to numb more to get instruments to work on it. I felt some pressure but nothing. I DIDN'T watch, just kept looking at Alicia (whom watched and she'll post her side of the story on her Journal.)

But I should be ok in a week. Got a BIG ASS bandage on it and Directions. Have to be all Toe cannot come with me in Shower either to clean. Murr. So the numbness will last about 5-6 hours from now and Yeah. I survived--never wanna do that again. Darlene doesn't wasn it again--Murr. But My foot will be fine for Megacon. Thankfully. <3

---But never again. Murr. -_-;;;
  • Yowch! What was wrong? Hope you feel better soon!
    • Ingrown type nail and then there was infection and had white blood cells RUSH to the area so there was this fat piece of skin that appeared and yeah.

      So had to cut THAT off and also some of the infected Nail. I'm soaking it right now. The Glider is incapacitated right now ;_;
      • Blech :P Well, hopefully the infection will clear up soon...once the infected material is removed, it shouldn't be too long, I'd think.
        • well I go back to get a cleaning and check-up on monday and then it shouldn't be more than a week heh. So in time for the Con! But Lisa Cosplay isn't until Late Summer <3
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