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The Calm before -The DC Comics Wank- Storm


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The Calm before -The DC Comics Wank- Storm

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Temari Snarl
[DC COMICS Rant ahead. You've Been Warned]

I mean to tell you, Fandom Secrets will be filled with it, I know Scans Daily is currently WANKING the Wank out of the news like how most people reacted to Final Crisis. (Rogues and Search for Ray Palmer was the best outta that. Todd, Tits and a Cunt named Rayner XP)

But I was personally shocked. I guess one of the future covers to come makes more sense between Harper and Cheshire but still? WTF DC. Yes, James Robertson wrote 'Cry For Justice' but I feel that in the end? It is indeed, Dan Didio's Fault. Cause it USUALLY IS. The cast of characters that JR is known for? He wouldn't care less about the Arrows right? So I'm guessing? Dan Didio.

Hell, Maybe even Grant Morrison said something offhandedly to DD during some idle 'Power Thirst' Office Break and Didio was all: "Yanno what? WHY NOT!? MAKE IT SO!"

Still regardless? Totally Bad taste. Maybe after seeing that no one is -Hating- Blackest Night? That Didio thought he could pull something off that wouldn't seem so extreme. As if Blackest Night is some type of cushion buffer to protect him from something so little that it'll be glazed over without another thought.


So MANY people HAVE BEEN KILLED and hopefully most will come back during 'Brightest Day' Due to what has happened. BUT~

If Lian's Death was done just because it could be? and doesn't bring in something that maybe Gail Simone wants to do with Bringing 'Sin' Back via Birds of Prey or Eventually Lian Back to life for some big Epic win for PLOT!? I'll be very disappointed.

If it was just to move Roy Harper's Character along? Could of executed it better.

~Stay Classy, DC N' Didio. Stay Fuckin' Classy. Hurm.
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