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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Shini No Tenshi

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Pretty much a Native Floridian who has an open mind and heart. I try to keep one at least. Open minded, meaning taking everything in everyway possible and have a good sense for people so I have been told. Friendly, easy going but can be shy, even if it is a rarity of mine. I try to be there for my friends and family at all times. I will admit to be being selfless when I need be or believe I should for one reason or another.

Anime is a my Anti-Drug. Enough said as well as Cosplaying, heh. I do enjoy Yaoi of Certain Animes but as much as I am a Yaoi Fangirl, I also enjoy the actual Canon based Heterosexual pairs also. (Strange mix I know but it can happen every which way, how I see it)

I forgive and forget but it had lead me to some if not much hurt in the past but what doesn't kill you makes your stronger and does it ever at times.

My japanese name is 松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
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~What My Maxwell Craves~

Heero Yuy is Love.

Now I changed what the link really said...cause Heero REALLY isn't Emo. Duo had a fit and made me do it.

Angel!Heero is Angsty Love.

annnd a bit of a new thing in as well. But he can't top Heero XP. Be funny to see though XD!

Wufei is Love.

~My Obsessions~

Bluebird's Illusion is Angsty Crack Love

Alphonse: Illusion of a Bluebird

Pride is Ed Love

created by: darkxangel86

created by: darkxangel86

Envy x Aru is Bipolar Love

Envy is t3h s3x love.

Alphonse is teh uber kawaii love.

created by: darkxangel86

Roy and Hughes are sexy soldiers love.

Hughes is LOVEEEE

Greed x Martel is totally in denial Love

Kimbley x Roy is nonconstentual koala love weird.

Dorchette x Martel is ridiculously stubborn Love.

Hohenheim is the Sean Connery of Anime! Love

Yes, Full Metal Alchemist. Scary isn't?

~What Else I Crave~