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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Shini No Tenshi


Shini Duo Older



March 26th, 2010

---I'm 26 years old technically XP Yeah, its that Birthday Time again, heh.

Yeah, Won't really be my birthday until AFTER 7:50am in the morning but WHATEVER XD

I have Today off too luckily and instead of at my house or Alicia's? I'm in ORLANDO! In a Hotel! Fairfield Marriot actually with a Whirlpool Bathtub of awesome near the Airport.(Be here tonight and tomorrow night too woo! <3)

And it seems Disney has stopped its whole FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY offer so boo on that. BUT there is a Florida Residence deal that you get 4 passes for $99 bucks (which equals to like $105 but still ITS tempting...)

Alicia picked me up after work (which wasn't until after 10pm due to lack of people scheduled PER usual)But it seems by her words? we MUST be having to do something AWESOME..

But... what really? I know its stupid but figuring it out? Anything less than Disney would be silly...(and I am more so for EPCOT cause I adore the countries..)--but Magic Kingdom is always good too..Never been to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood studios(MGM Studios Originally) is only really fun on the Star Wars Weekends.

-ponders- Wonder if its worth the passes. Better deal than a single pass that'll cost more for once. Hmm...We shall see. I know I wanna go to the Florida Mall to the Lush store. Want a bath bomb or bubble-bar for the whirlpool tub XD

Well I'll have an update later tonight for sure. So there we go <3

March 23rd, 2010

As How Todd OUTTA be, bitches!

Fangirling? OH YOU BET! <3 <3 <3!

And now? OFF TO Bra fit from 10am to 4pm down the Road.

March 9th, 2010

Seems that Alicia's Trundle Bed broke when Frances flopped on it and the hidden mattress that comes up to make the bed MUCH bigger? Is all half broke.


So After a Wal-mart Run, Steak n Shake somewhere between Getting off work and finally falling asleep about 6somethingam? Figured it too late/Early and try to take the bed apart to just have the mattresses on the floor so Unfolded the Couch bed in the Living room and we all curled up on it.

Then After about 2 hours later? A mixture of Rich heading off to work, over-heated which reminds me WHY I don't like sleeping in the middle ever? I am writing this. Senior Days start today. Joy. -rolls eyes.-

BUT Tomorrow? Get to be in Vero Beach for Bra Fit Event. I swear, I enjoy going to Other Stores cause I get to DO MY JOB and not worry about lil crap. Its fun, relaxed and I'm good at it so its all good.

There's a Visit from this head visual lady on Thursday BUT HA ON THEM. After Today? Won't be back to My own store/work until Monday.

MEGACON is this Weekend. Yup, Time for the Con Season to officially begin anew! Got 2 Full Costumes Ready and the Third just a throw together for the Rave. Going to get mah Nails done on Thursday and its gonna be a blast.

Murr, Its still early and no one is suppose to wake up until at least 11:30. Well, here's to wishing me luck in finding something to do until then. Caio!

March 4th, 2010

[DC COMICS Rant ahead. You've Been Warned]

I mean to tell you, Fandom Secrets will be filled with it, I know Scans Daily is currently WANKING the Wank out of the news like how most people reacted to Final Crisis. (Rogues and Search for Ray Palmer was the best outta that. Todd, Tits and a Cunt named Rayner XP)

But I was personally shocked. I guess one of the future covers to come makes more sense between Harper and Cheshire but still? WTF DC. Yes, James Robertson wrote 'Cry For Justice' but I feel that in the end? It is indeed, Dan Didio's Fault. Cause it USUALLY IS. The cast of characters that JR is known for? He wouldn't care less about the Arrows right? So I'm guessing? Dan Didio.

Hell, Maybe even Grant Morrison said something offhandedly to DD during some idle 'Power Thirst' Office Break and Didio was all: "Yanno what? WHY NOT!? MAKE IT SO!"

Still regardless? Totally Bad taste. Maybe after seeing that no one is -Hating- Blackest Night? That Didio thought he could pull something off that wouldn't seem so extreme. As if Blackest Night is some type of cushion buffer to protect him from something so little that it'll be glazed over without another thought.


So MANY people HAVE BEEN KILLED and hopefully most will come back during 'Brightest Day' Due to what has happened. BUT~

Spoilers of Cry for Justice 7 IF one really doesn't knowCollapse )

If it was just to move Roy Harper's Character along? Could of executed it better.

~Stay Classy, DC N' Didio. Stay Fuckin' Classy. Hurm.

March 3rd, 2010

So after my deal with my foot? That day I decided I wanted to get my hair done. So Alicia and I BOTH got our hair done. I wanted mine? Red. Shorter and Red. Now sadly, the Webcam sucks at quality but its basically a 'Lyra' thing if anything with this Shorter hair but its also the length Cassandra Cain has it in the beginning where it can be in that lil ponytail sorta.

so here ya go. Three images. Sorry for mah face. JUST gotten over a DEADLY Cold that seem to hit me after my Foot was taken care of. Called out Sunday and Monday but Had to work 5 to close TODAY with it and Fun fact? RONDA was sick too and Senior Days no less. FUN times. Murr. But tomorrow will be hell but I gotta work it. But further ado? The images! Enjoy. Seems people at work adore my hair color and Length. Wish I could get the Red pictured perfectly. The second image is the best I could get for the color.

Lyra Expressions aboundCollapse )

February 26th, 2010

--And Got my toe stuck with a HUGH Fuckin' Needle! -_-

Well, Woke up after 3 hours of sleep (DUE to a Bat in my Ceiling. Peeping and flailing about. I freaked everytime I heard it but Alicia was like..POOR BABAY -_-;;;)

BUT, Got some french toast sticks, got money and then got to the doctor's. I was the only one there. The man is---Short XD. Older but Short. VERY sweet. But When he told me what he was going to do? I slightly panicked.

So...Alicia's beside me, trying to calm me down. Cleaning it out? Fine..But the needle.
I've had them before but NOT in my foot. He even said Its not happy. He'd had to do it himself and yeahh. BUT he uses this Cold Spray and Had to stick it 4 times. 4 TIMES!

...But it was the 2nd or 3rd time and I made this VERY loud (and pathetic) Darlene squeel cry of distress. But I calmed after he was done, he allowed it to numb more to get instruments to work on it. I felt some pressure but nothing. I DIDN'T watch, just kept looking at Alicia (whom watched and she'll post her side of the story on her Journal.)

But I should be ok in a week. Got a BIG ASS bandage on it and Directions. Have to be all Toe cannot come with me in Shower either to clean. Murr. So the numbness will last about 5-6 hours from now and Yeah. I survived--never wanna do that again. Darlene doesn't wasn it again--Murr. But My foot will be fine for Megacon. Thankfully. <3

---But never again. Murr. -_-;;;

February 23rd, 2010

Due to being treated like Cinderella (and feeling VERY used like a 2-bit Whore, which I haven't in like YEARS working there) thus a HORRID on Sunday and Today not as bad but like Normal and feeling useful? Tomorrow will suck due to:

A) Senior Days for 2 days
B)Extra 40% Off Clearence DURING the Damn Senior Days.

Other then That? I have a Bum Toe, have to finally get it checked out On Friday If possible cause I get paid. Deal with IRS BS to get my Return..Do my mother's Taxes (I haven't been arsed to do it really.)

1pm to Close shifts for like EVER it seems again, Me HATING Shaou Ying cause she's an Inefficient dip that Makes Maxwell Angry for had been spoiled with VERY Efficient Asians in life!

--which fun fact, You know you're spacing bad that you start to channel one of your old Partners.
My hair is longish again and its all done up the riza-ish messy that she did, got a hoodie on and I'm so Exhausted (thus the Icon) and been pretty Meh and nibblin' on a ballpoint pen end with the cap on there while absently listening to music that I look over at the mirror in that idle slight glance to pause and go:

". . . I'm channeling Yuy--That's Unnerving."

ITS not a Bad thing but its like..wtf, never did this before--or that type of Eyebrow quirk. Movements slightly slowed and just so no effort. Ok its time to soak the stupid Toe and since I'm Worrying 'the Fei' and 'the McCulloch?' Gotta try and chat more to them and just come back to myself. Will pass out soon. Shower also. That will be for tomorrow morning. Yes..Hn. . . Yeah Anyway.

~Oyasumi, All and a Quiz if you wish to take it.

Your rainbow is shaded violet and black.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate mystery. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

December 16th, 2009

Because From now until sometime next week?

Bealls is open from -7am to 11pm.- Meaning for me? I'm working 3pm to Close(11:30pm) Shifts. Tonight? I didn't get out still ABOUT to RIGHT at Midnight. Yes, That's 12AM!

People just not getting the hint we CLOSE at 11pm but keep us open and finding out this particular customer is banned from the Palm Bay store cause she buys things then sells them at the Flea Market. So comes to MY store to do this shit.

Also, seems Kevin (AD Set Guy who was hired when I was) decided to get uppity at me with this -

Kevin: Well Susan's here so She's coming right up to Misses, Mary U..
Me: Look, I just got a walkie and Had no clue I was suppose to relieve anyone yet (Cause didn't get a chance to even SEE the schedule yet for today and I was in at 3pm and its about 3:05pm at this instance)
Kevin: [Slight attitude here] Yeah well, some of us have BEEN here since 6am..
Me: Ok, do you want a Cookie? ~Walks off to Misses~

Yup~ I said that to him. Why? He works 6am to 3pm. I GOTTA work 3pm till Midnight. I don't wanna hear your whining. You don't have to clean up after the stupid people I DO.

Oh yeah..there were only 3 people to close tonight. I was one of them (Office person and Manager don't count)

If you want a store nice for a visit? Don't only have 3 people to close and especially 10 DAYS Before Christmas. Morons. Murr--give a damn button so broke. Okiday. Done now <3~

October 14th, 2009

From The Shadows

Partners 1x2
I live--
Still work at Bealls--
Gone to DC Comics Fandom but Still into the Anime Circuit and whatnot via RP..
Gotta sleep so can get up to get new Comics before work.
And Yuy? Sasuke's a Tool. [You cannot Deny ett!] That is all XD <3

February 2nd, 2009

Offical List for MEGACON!

Lisa Nuzzle
That's right, I'm going to tell all what I'm being. Dunno what DAYS yet but here they are in slight order:

JLA Verson of Black Canary

Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon

(and yes I WILL be in a wheelchair XP]

and Darlene/Duella OC which is a mix of Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash

So thought I'd throw that up. Got the wigs ordered and just need to get Canary's outfit. Yeah. Me in fishnets. Woo.
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