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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Just ONE of those Exausting Times..


Shini Duo Older

Just ONE of those Exausting Times..

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Duo Broken
Due to being treated like Cinderella (and feeling VERY used like a 2-bit Whore, which I haven't in like YEARS working there) thus a HORRID on Sunday and Today not as bad but like Normal and feeling useful? Tomorrow will suck due to:

A) Senior Days for 2 days
B)Extra 40% Off Clearence DURING the Damn Senior Days.

Other then That? I have a Bum Toe, have to finally get it checked out On Friday If possible cause I get paid. Deal with IRS BS to get my Return..Do my mother's Taxes (I haven't been arsed to do it really.)

1pm to Close shifts for like EVER it seems again, Me HATING Shaou Ying cause she's an Inefficient dip that Makes Maxwell Angry for had been spoiled with VERY Efficient Asians in life!

--which fun fact, You know you're spacing bad that you start to channel one of your old Partners.
My hair is longish again and its all done up the riza-ish messy that she did, got a hoodie on and I'm so Exhausted (thus the Icon) and been pretty Meh and nibblin' on a ballpoint pen end with the cap on there while absently listening to music that I look over at the mirror in that idle slight glance to pause and go:

". . . I'm channeling Yuy--That's Unnerving."

ITS not a Bad thing but its like..wtf, never did this before--or that type of Eyebrow quirk. Movements slightly slowed and just so no effort. Ok its time to soak the stupid Toe and since I'm Worrying 'the Fei' and 'the McCulloch?' Gotta try and chat more to them and just come back to myself. Will pass out soon. Shower also. That will be for tomorrow morning. Yes..Hn. . . Yeah Anyway.

~Oyasumi, All and a Quiz if you wish to take it.

Your rainbow is shaded violet and black.


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