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Truth or bone - Survive alone

After Foot Comes HAIR and Cold.. -_-;


Shini Duo Older

After Foot Comes HAIR and Cold.. -_-;

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DesertRose Temari
So after my deal with my foot? That day I decided I wanted to get my hair done. So Alicia and I BOTH got our hair done. I wanted mine? Red. Shorter and Red. Now sadly, the Webcam sucks at quality but its basically a 'Lyra' thing if anything with this Shorter hair but its also the length Cassandra Cain has it in the beginning where it can be in that lil ponytail sorta.

so here ya go. Three images. Sorry for mah face. JUST gotten over a DEADLY Cold that seem to hit me after my Foot was taken care of. Called out Sunday and Monday but Had to work 5 to close TODAY with it and Fun fact? RONDA was sick too and Senior Days no less. FUN times. Murr. But tomorrow will be hell but I gotta work it. But further ado? The images! Enjoy. Seems people at work adore my hair color and Length. Wish I could get the Red pictured perfectly. The second image is the best I could get for the color.

  • You know.... If it had been two and a half months ago, I could say "HAAAAHAHAHA MY HAIR IS NOW LONGER THAN YOURS MWUAHAHAHA" And then I blew my bangs out of my face and remembered....

    Mine's still shorter. :P
    • Well YAH. XD You could do a Proper 'Yuy' Do with some teasing of the hair I bet cause how short is in the back XD But due to that pink that maybe still in yer hair?

      OMFG Cyber Lolita Yuy. Watch out! XP He wil keel j0 wiff glo stix!

    You tried to hide from the Great Karasu, but I still find you!! HAA HAA HAA! Okay, seriously.. You chop your hair and dye it red?? Who are you... me?

    Anyhoo, I'll be at MegaCon too! I'm bringing my Seras Victoria and Tsunade! I've got big plans next year that I would like to discuss with you. (Bwa ha haaa!)
    • Re: FOUND YOU!!

      This is Cori, BTW... sorry ^_^;;;;;
      • Its Me just on G/F's Computer heh

        OH GEEZ! XD! I actually talked about you the other day XD!

        Remincing the crazy nights to Wal-mart as the G-boys and Jade driving like a Wu Fei on speed and Ras with us. GOOD Times.

        BUT THAT'S COOL! I like Costume discussions! Now I shall add you to mah list to watch of Friends on here! Yay! I better see you at Mega! I'll be in a wheelchair Friday and Most of Saturday. Rest of Saturday? I'll be all Joker type Goth Daughter.

        Or we can like pick a Time to meet up? We'll see heh <3 Or just give you my G/F's Cell number to contact?
        • Re: Its Me just on G/F's Computer heh

          Y'know... you would find an excuse to be in a wheelchair. :P The fact that Oracle is the perfect cosplay is just secondary. We'll be there all three days, so I'll try to keep an eye out for ya. Joe and I will be dressed up as a white kitty boy and white bunny girl on Friday... we should not be hard to spot. I'll be Tsunade and Joe will be Jiraiya on Saturday, and on Sunday, I'll be Seras.

          However you want to work it out is fine with me. We're going to play it much lower key than last year. I've completely sworn off Anime cosplay contests in Florida since Anime Sushi ran such a crooked show last year. It was infuriating, and I plan on having much more fun just taking pictures and having fanboys & fangirls drool over me.
          • Re: Its Me just on G/F's Computer heh

            XD! Yeah well I DO Got people to push me around when My arms get tired SOOOoo heh.

            Well On Friday? I can't be hard to spot either <3 We'll see each other no problem! Or we better yanno? Can't wait to see about what you have in mind via Cosplay with me after sooo mannyy yyeeaarrs. God it has been awhile hasn't? Teheh.
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