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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Dick--Bed Broke. Will Explain Later.


Shini Duo Older

Dick--Bed Broke. Will Explain Later.

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DesertRose Temari
Seems that Alicia's Trundle Bed broke when Frances flopped on it and the hidden mattress that comes up to make the bed MUCH bigger? Is all half broke.


So After a Wal-mart Run, Steak n Shake somewhere between Getting off work and finally falling asleep about 6somethingam? Figured it too late/Early and try to take the bed apart to just have the mattresses on the floor so Unfolded the Couch bed in the Living room and we all curled up on it.

Then After about 2 hours later? A mixture of Rich heading off to work, over-heated which reminds me WHY I don't like sleeping in the middle ever? I am writing this. Senior Days start today. Joy. -rolls eyes.-

BUT Tomorrow? Get to be in Vero Beach for Bra Fit Event. I swear, I enjoy going to Other Stores cause I get to DO MY JOB and not worry about lil crap. Its fun, relaxed and I'm good at it so its all good.

There's a Visit from this head visual lady on Thursday BUT HA ON THEM. After Today? Won't be back to My own store/work until Monday.

MEGACON is this Weekend. Yup, Time for the Con Season to officially begin anew! Got 2 Full Costumes Ready and the Third just a throw together for the Rave. Going to get mah Nails done on Thursday and its gonna be a blast.

Murr, Its still early and no one is suppose to wake up until at least 11:30. Well, here's to wishing me luck in finding something to do until then. Caio!
  • I don't yet know what my situation in Seattle is going to be, but god. I'm going to try my best to come down here again, because I am going to miss you guys. Don't forget me. ♥
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