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Truth or bone - Survive alone

Its Early morning of the March 26th---Meaning?


Shini Duo Older

Its Early morning of the March 26th---Meaning?

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Kiba Strength
---I'm 26 years old technically XP Yeah, its that Birthday Time again, heh.

Yeah, Won't really be my birthday until AFTER 7:50am in the morning but WHATEVER XD

I have Today off too luckily and instead of at my house or Alicia's? I'm in ORLANDO! In a Hotel! Fairfield Marriot actually with a Whirlpool Bathtub of awesome near the Airport.(Be here tonight and tomorrow night too woo! <3)

And it seems Disney has stopped its whole FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY offer so boo on that. BUT there is a Florida Residence deal that you get 4 passes for $99 bucks (which equals to like $105 but still ITS tempting...)

Alicia picked me up after work (which wasn't until after 10pm due to lack of people scheduled PER usual)But it seems by her words? we MUST be having to do something AWESOME..

But... what really? I know its stupid but figuring it out? Anything less than Disney would be silly...(and I am more so for EPCOT cause I adore the countries..)--but Magic Kingdom is always good too..Never been to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood studios(MGM Studios Originally) is only really fun on the Star Wars Weekends.

-ponders- Wonder if its worth the passes. Better deal than a single pass that'll cost more for once. Hmm...We shall see. I know I wanna go to the Florida Mall to the Lush store. Want a bath bomb or bubble-bar for the whirlpool tub XD

Well I'll have an update later tonight for sure. So there we go <3
  • Hey. Hey, nigger. Behind you.

    Happy Birthday. >D
  • Happy birthday!! Have fun at Disney!

    We stayed at a Fairfield Marriot in Columbia, SC. It was pretty nice.
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